About us

An unusual hotel with private residences Rest Life is situated in a very cozy place of our city. It is located in a historic area “Monastyryshche”. Earlier this territory was a property of a men monastery. But the most important is that the view of the city from these places is overwhelming!

We’ll start with a tour of the house-hotel called “Comme il faut“. The first thing that will strike you is a feeling of space. Light colors, natural materials – just like on the pages of a fashion magazine on interiors and décor. A balcony, a terrace with a barbecue, a playground – there is everything for a good holiday.

Next we’ll survey German House: modesty, simplicity, and elegant pastel colors and a wonderful view of the city!

And here is a house called Anastasia – it is a dream of a young lady! Pink, with white decorative moldings – it looks like a delicious marshmallow!

What are the advantages of these house-hotels? Well, first there are excellent facilities for different out ceremonies. Secondly – having had a great and loud wedding, you will be able to spend here the second day of this event in a warm company. Thirdly – if a lot of relatives come from other cities to attend your celebration – Rest Life is a perfect solution for their accommodation. And you can also celebrate birthdays, bridal showers and bachelor parties, you can have a gorgeous photo shoot and just relax in a cheerful company at the weekend!